Negin Skin and Beauty Clinic
The Negin Novin clinic, with the benefit of the country's most sophisticated surgical team and with the most advanced technologies and devices in the world, helps you relax in a relaxed and beautiful environment. Spend some moments alongside us with a cup of tea and think about it even more beautifully. Your presence will be proud of the set.
Hair Transplantation
a- Combination (FUT+FUE)
b- FUT
c- FUE
d- Eye browsberd and mustache Transplant
PRP(face and head)
a- Co2 laser for cheeks and full face resurfaceing
b- Alex (gentelase) for hair reduction and pigmented lesion
c- HIFU or dablo for face lift
d- Lipomatic for sliming
e- RF fractional for skin rejuvenation
f- Q- Switch
g- RF برای صورت و کل بدن
Gel and botox (BTXS)
For augmentation nasolabil fold, cheeks, lips and etc
Botox for remove of crowj feet and frown lines and etc
Microderm and skin care
Mesotherapy for hair loss and skin Yejuvenation and face stains and acne and etc
Fator ingection: buttocks, cheek, brest, back of hands and feet
Intra lesional injection and cryotherapy
full face lifting
Buttoclcs ,cheeks ,brest ,lip ,prosthesis
subcision for acne scars
surgical thread
Dr Reza Mehrabi
ِDermatologidt and Cosmetologist
Member of International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS)
Member of International Society for Hair restoration (ISHR)
Dermatosurgeon and Hairtransplanet and Laser
Dermatologist and casmatologist, Member of ishrs, Member of italian society hair trans plant, Dermatosurger, Laser, Hair trans plant, Face lift blepharoplasty, Lipomatic
Dr Hasan Honarvar
Dr Ali Yeganeh
Dr Vahid Mashayekhi
Dr Mohamadreza Sharghi